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Right For America

What’s Right For America? I think what is right is individualism. The right to pursue my individual interests, to pursue happiness and the right to enjoy living in the greatest country on Earth. I believe in the live and let live idea. You pursue your interests and I will pursue mine.
I also believe there is a ton of just pure nonsense taking place in our country and there is nothing wrong with pointing it out.
Politically speaking…I believe that every conservative or progressive idea deserves to be heard. Do not mistake my willingness to listen as a seal of approval, rather, understand that I believe in free speech. Ideas are either good or bad for the country. I will point out the good and the bad ideas and to tell you why I think it is good or bad.
I like cars (machines as I like to say), being healthy, interesting people, gadgets, techie stuff, dressing well and enjoying good food.

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