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We are wasting time America!!!

I am all for investigating the extent of Russian interference in our elections. Our election system and our election process have to be protected regardless of the cost. I am all for prosecuting any person that colluded with the Russians if the evidence is clear they broke the law.

What am I not for? The Russian election hack dominating the news cycle. Like I said, it’s important however most of my friends and family members want to talk about other issues.

For example…

Healthcare – the system is as broken today as it was in 2010 when it was supposedly fixed.

Jobs – there are still way too many Americans not working.

Education: we have to figure out a way to offer education to Americans that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s unacceptable that college grads are saddled with $50,000 or $100,000 of debt when they finish school. How the hell are they supposed to earn a living and pay off the debt?

Illegal Immigration: while border crossings are down and deportations are up this problem isn’t fixed. There are 15 million illegals here. Those 15 million illegals have to be given a path to citizenship. Not because the illegals have earned citizenship rather because they need to be paying taxes like the rest of us.

These are a few of the problems we have to solve. So let’s demand that our politicians get about our business. The Russian election hack will play out soon enough. We are missing the opportunity to fix other issues right now. Lets stop wasting time.

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