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The Lynch/Clinton Agreement

She has already left the swamp! But no one is beyond the law. So we will see what she has to say. Senate announces probe of Loretta Lynch behavior in 2016 election Sent from my iPhone

Our Senate in inaction…

The Senate has released their discussion document related to healthcare reform??? Why? Why? Why? For Pete’s sake republicans!!! You have had 8 years to figure it out!!! You bitched and complained about Obamacare for 8 years. You campaigned through 4 election cycles promising an overhaul or a repeal of the ACA. The best we have today is a discussion document? And you are going on vacation tomorrow for a week. How’s this… skip the vacation, work on the bill, compromise and be done with it. Sent from my iPhone

‘GOP runs against’ Pelosi

Not Cher!!! The gold standard of liberal thought (Cher) is calling for Pelosi to resign her leadership position. I think Cher is about as liberal as they get. From Cher: ‘GOP runs against’ Pelosi Sent from my iPhone

Handel over Ossoff

Last night’s win for the Republicans was pretty big! Bigger than the news media will tell you. The analysts were predicting a win for Ossoff and tying the win to the public’s disdain for President Trump. Ossoff was billed as the Trump slayer. It didn’t happen. Karen Handel won the 6th district by 5 points, roughly the same margin that Trump won Georgia with. Overall the Democrats have lost every special election that has been held since the November general election. Sent from my iPhone

Culture: The Washington Post: In just one year, nearly 1.3 million Americans needed hospital care for opioid-related issues

Wow!!! The biggest group using this stuff? 25-44 year olds. In just one year, nearly 1.3 million Americans needed hospital care for opioid-related issues The Washington Post As the epidemic surged, emergency room treatment doubled between 2005 and 2014. Read the full story Shared from Apple News Sent from my iPhone

Congress is crawling as usual

I don’t see the republican congress doing anything to help the President right now. With majorities in the the House and the Senate one would think they would be working a little harder. In the first 100 days of the President’s first term there is one accomplishment – that being the appointment of one Supreme Court Justice. On the congressional side nothing has been done. Ryan and company passed a overhaul of Obamacare that is sitting in the Senate but that’s it. Congress’s work pales in comparison to President Trump’s accomplishments thus far. Congress seems to be running scared. Why? OneRead More