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Reason 4 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

Reason 4

$400,000 is A LOT of money for most Americans. Its the difference between an exceptional life style and a regular $80,00 – $100,000 existence. Considering the average household income in the United States of $51,939,  $400,000 is big.

Is $400,000 big to Donald Trump? No not at all – it is “Chump Change” to him. He probably has that deducted from his check every two weeks in taxes.

Reason 4 is that Donald Trump is not “in it for the money”.  Arguably anyone who runs for the Presidency does not need the money  – I get that, however Trump is the absolute exception to this rule. He probably doesn’t even know what the President’s salary is. Not being motivated or influenced by money is big to me.

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