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Reason 3 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

Reason 3

Donald Trump has a history of successful projects: Riverside South, Wollman Park, 40 Wall Street, Trump Tower, golf courses – you name it. He undeniably knows how to successfully take a project from conception to completion. He has had his share of project failures as well. Most notably his foray into Atlantic City. Im not sure what he was thinking on that one. You can Google the Roosevelt Hotel project for yourself – he truly made chicken salad out of chicken s__t on that one.

How do these successes equate to potential success as President? Are commercial development and running the government the same thing? Are there transferable skills? There are several parallels, here are 3:

  1. Building a solid team – picking the right construction company, the right GC and the right contractors. Without them things are going to be tough. His first pick for his administration? Mike Pence. Great start.
  2. Having a clear vision – this is self explanatory. You can not build a building or a renovate an old one without a vision of what you want in the end. Likewise Trump has painted a clear vision of what he thinks America can be.
  3. Bureaucratic red tape. I think New York City. I think regulations, codes, union workers. These obstacles are enough to discourage anyone from doing business there. The government equivalents are The Congress, The Supreme Court, regulatory agencies, you name it. I don’t have any doubt that Trump will and can hold his own with these folks.

I am looking forward to a President that can maneuver and work his way through obstacles to get things done. I think the alternative (Hillary Clinton) is business as usual. In a business as usual government environment the people that are hurt the most are you and I.

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