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Reason 2 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

Reason 2

100 people were asked “what is the most important trait that a politician must have?” The answer? The politician must be honest. So who is more honest Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Its Trump hands down. Not even a contest. Now…

I am not going to say that I believe Donald Trump to be the gold standard for honesty. I characterize Trump as “mostly honest”. Hillary Clinton would be categorized as “never honest”. I can make the case for both. Trump raised a lot of money for Veterans during the Iowa primary. He says all the money was immediately going to the Vets. The money did not make it to the Vets until much later. Maybe I am splitting hairs. On the hand, Hillary Clinton’s entire public life has been one controversy after another. She is always on the run. In part because she never tells the truth and she is always caught lying. Suggesting that Hillary Clinton is a straight shooter is like suggesting that Carol and I should invite Hannibal Lecter over for dinner.

On a scale of 1 to 10: Trump 7 – Clinton -10

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