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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016


Reason 2 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

Reason 2 100 people were asked “what is the most important trait that a politician must have?” The answer? The politician must be honest. So who is more honest Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Its Trump hands down. Not even a contest. Now… I am not going to say that I believe Donald Trump to be the gold standard for honesty. I characterize Trump as “mostly honest”. Hillary Clinton would be categorized as “never honest”. I can make the case for both. Trump raised a lot of money for Veterans during the Iowa primary. He says all the money was immediatelyRead More

Reason 1 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

One measurement of a person is how well they parent. If you listen to Donald Trump’s children they are articulate, respectful and informed. I don’t recall reading any articles about them that are derogatory. No rehab stints, brushes with the law, no tabloid scandals etc. etc. I would say Trump (and the Mothers!) did a good job with his kids. No free rides either btw. Why is this a reason to vote for Trump over Clinton? I researched Chelsea’s opinions/viewpoints last night and I just didn’t find enough material. Watching the Clintons’ over the years doesn’t give me a reasonRead More