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July, 2016


Reason 5 of 108 Reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump


Reason 5 In 2015 Donald Trump lined up against 16 professional politicians to vie for the Republican nomination for President. He was not given much of a chance to win the primary. But he persisted. He did not win all the primaries but he won most. In the end he prevailed over some impressive candidates. In the 6 republican debates he had his brains knocked out. The other candidates took every possible shoot at him that they possibly could. When the other candidates laid off him the media went after him but he persisted – he did not give up.Read More

Reason 4 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

dollar 1

Reason 4 $400,000 is A LOT of money for most Americans. Its the difference between an exceptional life style and a regular $80,00 – $100,000 existence. Considering the average household income in the United States of $51,939,  $400,000 is big. Is $400,000 big to Donald Trump? No not at all – it is “Chump Change” to him. He probably has that deducted from his check every two weeks in taxes. Reason 4 is that Donald Trump is not “in it for the money”.  Arguably anyone who runs for the Presidency does not need the money  – I get that, howeverRead More

Reason 3 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

wollman park trump

Reason 3 Donald Trump has a history of successful projects: Riverside South, Wollman Park, 40 Wall Street, Trump Tower, golf courses – you name it. He undeniably knows how to successfully take a project from conception to completion. He has had his share of project failures as well. Most notably his foray into Atlantic City. Im not sure what he was thinking on that one. You can Google the Roosevelt Hotel project for yourself – he truly made chicken salad out of chicken s__t on that one. How do these successes equate to potential success as President? Are commercial developmentRead More

Reason 2 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

hannibal lector

Reason 2 100 people were asked “what is the most important trait that a politician must have?” The answer? The politician must be honest. So who is more honest Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Its Trump hands down. Not even a contest. Now… I am not going to say that I believe Donald Trump to be the gold standard for honesty. I characterize Trump as “mostly honest”. Hillary Clinton would be categorized as “never honest”. I can make the case for both. Trump raised a lot of money for Veterans during the Iowa primary. He says all the money was immediatelyRead More

Reason 1 of 108 reasons why I am going to vote for Donald Trump

One measurement of a person is how well they parent. If you listen to Donald Trump’s children they are articulate, respectful and informed. I don’t recall reading any articles about them that are derogatory. No rehab stints, brushes with the law, no tabloid scandals etc. etc. I would say Trump (and the Mothers!) did a good job with his kids. No free rides either btw. Why is this a reason to vote for Trump over Clinton? I researched Chelsea’s opinions/viewpoints last night and I just didn’t find enough material. Watching the Clintons’ over the years doesn’t give me a reasonRead More

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 6 years in prison for murder

There isn’t any doubt that South African Law is different than ours, especially law related to the charge of murder. This trial has lasted about 3 years so far. 6 years for murder is an extremely light sentence. Under their system Pistorius also has the opportunity to appeal again. Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 6 years in prison for murder PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) – Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday for the murder of girlfriend Ree… Read the full story Sent from AP Mobile. Download now on the App Store or Google Play Sent from myRead More