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My thoughts on the Orlando Massacre

Sick of the spin regarding the mass murder in Orlando. So here it is straight and this is just my viewpoint.

1. 49 Americans were murdered in Orlando by a Muslim Fanatic.

2. They were Americans, whether they were gay, straight or lesbians DOES NOT matter at all. They were our fellow citizens.

3. This was an attack on our people on our soil.

Now… Please do not send me messages about guns. Guns are not the issue. Do not send me any nonsense about all Muslims being terrorists. That notion is equally as stupid as the gun argument. Don’t chastise me or call me names either. Don’t call me unsympathetic or uncaring. Leave your hater comments to your band of groupies that will get a charge out you taking a shot at a conservative. Don’t send me some stupid ass meme either.

I’m not buying it. I’m pissed off. I’m mad as hell. Don’t tell me its Obama’s fault either. It’s not. Seriously??? Obama’s sole focus seems to be on which toilet he wants us all to piss in. Radical Islamic terrorism in our country is not high on his list with 6 months to go.

Don’t blame Congress. They don’t care at all. Remember this bunch of nimrods approved and funded a wall between Mexico and the U.S. ten years ago. Yet they don’t have the gumption to build it.

Don’t blame Hilda or The Donald although I can make a convincing argument that Hilda played a role in this.

Don’t believe the argument that Mateen “self radicalized”. 5 days ago his Imam stated in the mosque that “gays and lesbians” should all be murdered as an act of compassion. Mateen was simply following orders.

In short I’m tired of the excuses – I’m tired of the BS. Tomorrow morning Congress should formally declare war on Radical Islam. Then we should execute a military strategy that is devoid of all the silly rules imposed by puss politicians who don’t have the nads to fight a war. Once that is done we root the radicals out wherever they are. If they are here on American soil then so be it. It they are in the Middle East then so be it. If they are in Canada or Great Britain or France then so be it.

Get them all.

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