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June, 2016


2016 Data Point: Your backyard barbecue guest list

Fire up the grill. Summer’s here, and this fact is not lost on the pollsters. In its May 2016 survey, Quinnipiac asked, “Regardless of how you intend to vote, who would you rather invite to your backyard barbecue: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?” Thirty-nine percent of registered voters chose Clinton, whileRead More

2016 Data Point: Third party thresholds

In a late May Quinnipiac poll of registered voters, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, draws 5 percent, and Jill Stein the Green Party candidate, draws 3 percent against the major party candidates, Hillary Clinton (40 percent) and Donald Trump (38 percent). Our electoral system doesn’t make it easy for thirdRead More

2016 Data Point: California, here they come

On June 7, Californians will vote in one of the last consequential 2016 primaries. In recent days, polls about the Democratic contest have varied widely with some showing a close race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and others giving her a substantial lead. The mood in California is fairly bright,Read More