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March, 2016


New BLS data show that for all ‘chief executives,’ the ‘average CEO-to-average worker pay ratio’ is less than 5-to-1

Every time CEO salaries are reported for S&P 500 companies, there’s always a lot of hand-wringing and criticism of “excessive CEO compensation,” along with the inevitable comparisons of rising CEO salaries to stagnant pay for average workers, and how that contributes to rising income inequality and an increasing concentration of wealth for the top 1%, etc. In about a month, we’ll hear the annual lamenting from the AFL-CIO about skyrocketing pay for a small group of the nation’s highest paid CEOs, America’s income inequality crisis resulting from corporate CEOs taking all of the wage increases while giving nothing to rank-and-fileRead More

Income inequality is not out of control

Many believe that the debate around income inequality – that inequality is increasing at a rapid pace and that the share of incomes at the top has become more concentrated over time – has been settled. However, a new study by economists Bricker et al. cautions against jumping hastily to these conclusions. Twenty20 License In their paper, the authors find that earlier studies, relying largely on tax returns data to measure income inequality, have overstated the pace and share of income gains at the top. Addressing measurement and conceptual problems with earlier studies, their paper finds that the income shareRead More

AEI President Arthur Brooks guest hosts CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’

Source: New AEI Feed AEI President Arthur Brooks guest hosts CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’

Intersectional feminism: What is it?

If you have wondered why there are so many millennials on campus telling people to check their privilege, demanding trigger warnings, calling people out for micro aggressions, and retreating to safe spaces, the Factual Feminist has the answer: Intersectional feminism. Access the complete Factual Feminist series: Factual Feminist Source: New AEI Feed Intersectional feminism: What is it?

Where does Trump’s idea for taking out terrorists’ families come from? The KGB

Donald Trump has repeatedly said that if elected president, he would target the families of terrorists. “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families,” Trump has said. Donald Trump at the CNN Town Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin March 29, 2016. REUTERS/Ben Brewer/ So where does Trump’s strategy of targeting the family members of terrorists originate?  The New York Times reports this morning: It is the signature, though officially unacknowledged, policy behind Moscow’s counterinsurgency and counterterrorism strategies… In the conflict that began in ChechnyaRead More

Can Central Europe have it both ways?

Just hours before President Xi Jinping’s arrival in Prague on Monday for the first state visit by China’s head of state to the Czech Republic, his host, President Miloš Zeman, gave a curious interview to Beijing’s state broadcaster, CCTV. He called the impending visit “a restart” for Czech-Chinese relations, marking a break with a period when Czech governments were “very submissive to the pressure from the United States and from the European Union.” (L-R) Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Poland Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Czech Republic Prime MinisterRead More