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Friday, August 14th, 2015


4 Lower-Body Moves to Tone Your Legs and Butt

Squats and lunges aren’t the only moves that will get your lower body in top form. In this video, Health contributor Tracy Anderson demonstrates 4 exercises that target those tough-to-reach muscles that help you pull in your stomach, boost your backside, and sculpt your thighs.

EPA’s Toxic Mega-spill May Have Been Deliberate, Critics Suggest

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made a major mess of the Animas River in Colorado and beyond, and now, some analysts are suggesting it may have even been a deliberate plot to bilk taxpayers and shut down mining in the region. Critics of the EPA are pointing to a letter by geologist Dave Taylor, published a week before the toxic spill, warning residents to protect themselves from the EPA and predicting a similar disaster purposely caused by the controversial agency. Now, almost as if on cue, the EPA is seeking more money and more power to deal with theRead More

Poll: Majority believe Clinton lied about emails

A majority also think the private email server endangered national security.

“Halfway to Hell”? Public Places Global Warming Concerns Dead Last

Alarmists pushing the UN’s anti-carbon climate change agenda claim we are already “Halfway to Hell,” i.e., the arbitrary 2-degrees C above pre-industrial global temperatures that will supposedly render life impossible. Voters worldwide, apparently, are not buying the hype.

Obama bumps into Bill Clinton on golf course

The current and former presidents crossed paths at Farm Neck Golf Club in Massachusetts.

Grassroots Nullification: Ky. Clerk Says “No” to Homosexual “Marriage” Licenses

A county clerk in Kentucky is taking a stand against the unconstitutional Obergefell ruling by refusing to issue any marriage licenses at all. Unfortunately, she’s just doing the job American governors won’t do.