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News Anchor and Reporter Explain Why They Think Office Air Conditioning Is ‘Sexist’

A Sky News anchor and a reporter for The Telegraph contended during a news segment this week that office air conditioning is sexist.

“We just sit there, absolutely freezing at our desks. … And so it’s just so quite nice to see this research. It’s just such a relief to know that this is happening. That women do feel the cold more than men and that the AC in offices is normally regulated more for male temperature than for women’s,” Radhika Sanghani of The Telegraph said.

She continued, “I think one of the biggest problems is that often in offices it is men who control temperatures … and because the majority of men in offices seem to be absolutely fine with the temperatures, women kind of just sit there in the cold feeling absolutely frozen.”

Sanghani admitted that the claim might sound “silly,” but insisted that it is a real problem.

“Actually, it’s really uncomfortable being freezing at your desk,” she said.

The Sky News anchor agreed.

“I’ve experienced the same. Because what I’ve often found is that you go in on a really hot summer’s day, wearing summer clothes, and you go into the office and it’s absolutely freezing,” said the host, wearing a sleeveless dress.

Sanghani added on, saying that she jokes with friends how they are unable to wear summer dresses and sandals to work because of the cold temperature in the office.

“I think there is a bit of a problem when it’s warmer outside that it is in your office,” she said.

After the segment, Sanghani turned to Twitter to discuss the “sexist air conditioning.”

LOVE how many women are messaging me after taking about sexist air conditioning! Clearly this is a massive problem. Offices take note

— Radhika Sanghani (@radhikasanghani) August 4, 2015

Funny that all the tweets I’m getting saying that air conditioning isn’t sexist & women are overreacting are from men who don’t get cold…

— Radhika Sanghani (@radhikasanghani) August 4, 2015

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